Is Multiplication.


"We give great ideas a voice" - with their ideas, companies are changing the world.


Pitching their ideas, creating revenue to re-invest or doing fundraising is fundamental to your company. Therefore 3P-Pitch Partner Pandur has been founded: With our expertise, we will help you and your team with your Business - we provide Consulting-Services in the field of Sales-Leadership, Pitching and Fundraising.

Let us help create your edge. 


We tend to think of sales training as a project rather than a process. As an occurrence rather than part of the day-to-day culture. As a burden rather than an opportunity. And that’s too bad. Because ongoing sales coaching can elevate total sales team performance and responsibility. It can create empowerment, increase engagement, and improve creativity. It can, frankly, be the difference between sales team success and failure of the entire organization. So, let’s look at why a continual coaching mindset is so important to your sales team and corporate culture, and how you – as Sales Manager, VP of Sales, or whatever your sales leadership role – can make that a reality


Whether you are presenting to a boardroom of executives, to an investor or at lunch with a referral, your pitch will be vital to helping your potential clients see the pain you will help them solve and will help them remember you in the cacophony of pitches they are likely to hear.

Many new entrepreneurs have great ideas that will take the world by storm. But 99% of them do not get the proper business funding in the long run. This will end up leaving all these ideas to never develop into successful projects. 

Your pitch is the main thing that could either get your business off the ground or sink it. It all matters! 


Securing a new funding round is a significant turning point for startups. Without funds in place, even the savviest startup founders have difficulty developing product prototypes, testing market assumptions, and generating enough investor interest needed for future financing.

However, convincing an experienced investor that your team has the grit and tenacity to develop a next-generation product or service is no small feat.



3P - Pitch Partner Pandur is based in Vienna and was established in 2019. 


Founded by Rene Pandur, capitalizing on the international experience in IT and Business Consulting, selling into various industries such as Financial Services, Automotive, Health-Care, Manufacturing, Utilities etc. 


Our focus is on helping our Clients become more competitive, generating more recurrent business as well as establishing new revenue streams.


3P - Pitch Partner Pandur

Location: Hohenstaufgengasse 6

A-1010 Vienna / Austria

Tel: +43 (0) 664/5272783


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